Every home is as individualistic as a fingerprint. Flat rates, or "canned" quotes are not fair to you. However, with some detailed information we can give you an idea of the cost of having your home cleaning managed by The Maids Home Services.

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The Maids are GREAT!!! When you first started coming to my home I'd broken my ankle and was unable to do anything. Your team stepped right in and cleaned my home beautifully.
The team did everything I wanted and then some, and far more thoroughly and quickly than I could have done. They went ABOVE and Beyond The Call Of Duty To Make Sure Our Company Office Was Spotless! The Blue Team Did An AMAZING Job.
Have had the incredible benefit of having the MAIDS come to our home since just before our first baby was born(3years ago) and have kept them ever since. Cleaning companies can come and go - BUT DON"T let the Maids go. Besides doing an incredible job cleaning, we trust them incredibly. i hope you get a chance to experience what we have. Thank you Maids.

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