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Our Unique 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System includes 22 quality-cleaning tasks, designed to remove more dirt and contaminants than any other cleaning system. Our unique motion economy based cleaning system enables our teams to work with maximum efficiency.
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Professionally Trained Maids

The Maids provides a top-notch professional service and experience for customers, which begin with our employees. The Maids uses an exclusive four-person team approach to cleaning and each staff member is trained, bonded and insured. These well-orchestrated professionals understand how to team clean a home to provide efficiency, effectiveness and quality, each and every visit, no matter a home’s size, condition or layout

We Supervise
Each cleaning team includes a team leader, an assistant team leader and two team members. Our comprehensive deep-cleaning professionals are committed to customer service and continuous improvement.

More Affordable Than You Think
The Maids top notch cleaning service may be more affordable than you think. Your time is valuable. Let us help you better manage it so you can do the things you enjoy. Call now or request a quick online estimate.


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The Maids are GREAT!!! When you first started coming to my home I'd broken my ankle and was unable to do anything. Your team stepped right in and cleaned my home beautifully.
The team did everything I wanted and then some, and far more thoroughly and quickly than I could have done. They went ABOVE and Beyond The Call Of Duty To Make Sure Our Company Office Was Spotless! The Blue Team Did An AMAZING Job.
Have had the incredible benefit of having the MAIDS come to our home since just before our first baby was born(3years ago) and have kept them ever since. Clenaing companies can come and go - BUT DON"T let the Maids go. Besides doing an incredible job cleaning, we trust them incredibly. i hope you get a chance to experience what we have. Thank you Maids.

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